Veterans in Franchising


With over one million veterans transitioning out of military service by 2015, franchising has proven to be an ideal structure to enable veterans to become leaders in the U.S. economy. With its rapid training opportunities, scalability, and need for operational execution and excellence, franchising has proven to be an excellent opportunity for veterans to continue serving their communities as local entrepreneurs.

In 2011, IFA committed to hire and recruit 75,000 veterans and their spouses, including 5,000 wounded warriors, by the end of 2014 as part of Operating Enduring Opportunity. As part of the campaign, over 64,000 veterans, military spouses and wounded warriors have started careers in franchising, including 4,314 who have become veteran franchise business owners. Extending career opportunities to our nation’s veterans is critical both for the U.S. economy and for the social stability of veterans and their families.

To further promote veteran ownership of franchise businesses, IFA supports legislation that provides tax incentives to veterans who open franchise business, provides an exemption for veterans from employers’ status under the Affordable Care Act, and creates additional incentives for franchise education and training. 

For more information contact Elizabeth Taylor, Vice President of Government Relations, Public Policy & Counsel at visit the VetFran website.


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